Thursday, 7 October 2010


Looks like the BBC is finally listening to classic horror fans with BBC4's 3-part "History of Horror" series about to air. The documentary is fronted by "League of Gentlemen's" Mark Gatiss and episode one is being screened Monday October 11th at 9pm, with episodes two and three to follow at the same time on 18th and 25th October. Make sure you tune in!
As well as this excellent documentary, BBC4 are also screening some classic horror movies this month! First up is "The Bride of Frankenstein"(1935) which airs straight after episode one of History of Horror at 10pm.
Next is "Cat People" (1942) on October 13th at 10:45pm. A truly atmospheric exercise in suspense, this is still a genuinely frightening motion picture and if you've never seen it, make sure you watch this rare television screening!
"I Walked With a Zombie" (1943) is being shown at midnight on the 14th October so you may need copious amounts of coffee to stay up for this one!
And that's not all! On Monday 11th October, after the "Bride of Frankenstein" screening, there is a documentary called "Transylvania Babylon", which takes a humorous look at movie vampires!
So show your appreciation for these wonderful documentaries and classic movie screenings! The more people who watch these, the bigger chance we have of the BBC bringing back the Horror Double Bill as a regular Saturday night event! Spread the word and email the Beeb to let them know how much we appreciate their dedication to classic horror! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to checking out the history of horror doco

Scare Sarah said...

Thanks buddy. You're like a trendier version of the Radio Times ;)

James said...

Can't wait for this!! BBC4 have made some wonderful documentaries recently - including all those 'history of British music' ones. Hurrah!

Cyberschizoid said...

Thanks for the kind words! Keep watching this space for any further developments...

Guillaume said...

Great! I need to watch this, it will be perfect to get into a Halloween mood. I remember watching a BBC documentary on British horror, back in 2007. It was quality stuff.

Rob Talbot said...

Shit! I've missed the first one.


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