Friday, 21 January 2011


Greetings guys and ghouls and welcome to our first post of 2011! First of all, a huge thank you to all of you for your amazing support over the last nine months. Not only has our petition reached well over 1300 signatures, the Classic Horror Campaign has also featured on BBC Television's "Points of View" show and been the subject of various magazine articles. I can't even count the amount of websites, blogs and online forums that have focused on our ongoing efforts to bring back BBC2's iconic Horror Double Bill seasons!

But we need to show the BBC this year that we really mean business! If we can reach 2000 signatures on our petition we will present this to the BBC and gain as much publicity as we possibly can over the next few months! We are currently in talks about hosting some live Classic Horror Double Bill screenings in the UK which we would love as many of you to attend as possible. So here is what we need you to do from today!!!

  • Sign our petition - help us reach 2000 signatures!
  • Email the BBC and ask that they start screening primetime Saturday night Horror Double Bill seasons. 
  • Email BBC Points of View.
  • Email the Radio Times.
  • Tweet about the campaign and use the hashtag #classichorrorcampaign
  • Join our ever-growing Facebook Page!
  • Write about the Classic Horror Campaign on your blogs and websites.
  • Tell people about us in any online forums that you use.
  • Email all film magazines and ask them to feature our campaign -  Empire, Total Film, Scream, Gorezone, DVD & Blu-Ray World, Shock Horror, Little White Lies, Electric Sheep and any others you can think of!

So come on everybody! Let's see what classic horror fans can achieve! Bring back BBC2's Horror Double Bills! We CAN make it happen!


Unknown said...

Hello ! I signed the petition ! I just want to get scared agaiiinnn !

Hemraj said...

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Shitty Movie Reviews said...

love it. rock on!

Unknown said...

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